A webseries for Luna Park

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Luna Park Ep1 Coney Island from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo. Luna Park Ep2 Ferris Wheel from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo.

Unilever Food Solutions

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A series of functional films we produced for Unilever Food Solutions featuring Chefs from around Sydney highlighting the benefits that UFS products can deliver in high volume busy kitchens. Erin & Gravy  Laura, Jus 07 UFS Laura Jus V1 from

Bayer 2015 Content

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Hub Films for Bayer, part of large strategic video plan delivered as part of a suite of calendar content in 2016.

A2 Video Mastheads

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Yet again, our besties at AnalogFolk had another awesome online video idea and asked us to come and play.  This time it was for the mastheads for A2.  Incorporating video into the very fibre and skeleton of a brands site

Freedom Food Farmers, a Branded Content Series

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With our bestest buddies AnalogFolk and Freedom, we had the joyous opportunity to go out to Griffith for a week long shoot filming some of their amazing farming family for a branded content series. Designed to be an interactive About

GE at Work 2014, Timelapses.

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It was our third year for us being part of GE at Work, an event organised by lead agency The One Centre with the artistry of Margo and her team at 4th Wall Events. As usual it was a mammoth

Twin Miracles a film for GE Reports.

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Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards. The parents of premature twins narrate their story in an  online film ‘Twin Miracles’ for GE Australia & NZ.  Created for multidisciplinary brand agency The One Centre, we had

Majans Snack Food Company

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A film we made as part of the beautiful new site for Majans Snack Food company. The film is narrated by one of the founders (Rick Raniga) as he reflects on the origins and growth from their business. Marvel at

5 Little Freedom Films

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We whipped up 5 breaky delights with our friends at AnalogFolk last week.  Aren’t they pretty! Freedom Pre Roll – Eat well today, feel good tomorrow. from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo. Freedom Pre Roll – Happiness from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo. Freedom

Some yummy Freedom Food Content

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We recently had the lovely pleasure of working with the lovely talent people over at AnalogFolk again, to help create some content for their yummy new site for Freedom Foods. Take the Good Food Karma Index Survey and be marvelled