When VOXPOP’s work and Why?

What the Kale is a Lychee Fruit
Independent Health Foundation

‘What the Kale is a Lychee Fruit’ is advertising disguised as entertainment.
This VOXPOP works because whilst drawing attention to the clear lack of knowledge society has about eating healthy, it informs us about the healthy options available and in an entertaining way!
The Independent health foundation has creatively communicated the rather monotonous healthy eating message and engages the audience by featuring the audience.
But is 11,541 views really audience engagement?
No. But as a not-for profit brand…creating its own content – it works. I like this VOXPOP because we are not stifled by the brand, which builds authenticity because in dealing with real issues that real people face the content becomes relevant to us.

Now let’s go into its SCORE rating. Basically SCORE is a ranking, which judges how good the ad in question is.

What’s the Story? The message is that Healthy options exist. People just don’t know about how to recognize them.

Is it Creative and Original?
Yes. This VOXPOP is a healthy option guessing game – HOW GOOD! By poking fun at how bad we are at recognizing healthy choices, we consider how we are surrounded by healthy options – we just avoid them. Definitely, makes you think about how good you are at making healthy choices yourself.

Relevance: to the product and target audience?
Using healthy products to promote healthy choices (rocket science right?)
Obviously, our healthy eating knowledge (or lack of) reflects our current health status…

Given the clear resource constraints this VOXPOP looks and sounds good, it’s shot and edited well and there is nothing too fancy that takes away from the main meaning or message behind the ad.


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