Telstra Purple

App Modernisation 

We got an awesome brief from the team at Telstra Purple to create a narrative based film series that encourages businesses to view app modernisation as a necessity. Part 1 of the film introduces our relatable protagonist Dave, his inner critic (a robotic server) and his advocate (a talking bobblehead doll) to address the widespread misconceptions surrounding digital transformation, and the way forward with Telstra Purple. This was such a fun shoot and we can’t wait to release part 2, featuring a laptop shower scene…


To launch the Telstra Purple and Airspeeder partnership, we shot a series of interviews introducing the world’s first electric flying racing car pilots and the technical director’s from Telstra who make it all possible. 

Government Video 

We partnered with Telstra Purple to create an engaging, inspiring and action-driven video that showcased their value proposition to government partners. The idea was to communicate the benefits of cloud, security and digitisation by focussing on the people who give purpose to the technology.