Our work with GE provides the clearest example of how our planning and clever approach to maximising your content budget can produce multiple forms of content across several tiers with a consistent tone of voice. To inspire, educate and engage.

Over 120+ individual pieces of content were created over the last few years.

In partnership with The One Centre, GE was Hello Future’s foundation client. They are one of the world’s true innovation-based companies, working across such a broad range of industries, from healthcare, transport, power generation to new technologies and beyond. We produced emotive films about premature babies, brand films, documentary content on the smart grid and revolutionary stories on water filtration systems helping to minimise damage to the great barrier reef.  

We filmed live events and created snackable short films for PR, social media and GE’s own content platform, GE Reports, covering all aspects of the business. They are a great example of how Hello Future work with large scale brands across multiple channels, mediums and very diverse industries to deliver a consistent brand message.

“GE have been working with branded content agency for the last 3 1/2 years. have always demonstrated a high level of creativity and professionalism delivering films for us from brand films, campaign work to high level content across our broad range of sectors including numerous healthcare films. I would recommend them highly.”

Emma Rugge Price
VP, Communications
GE, Australia & New Zealand