Zombies + Sexy Girls

There are a lot of zombies in pop culture lately, and paired with attractive women, it seems to be a winning combination. A couple of recent campaigns using the zombie + sexy girl combo are Boost Mobile and Spanish nightclub, Matinee.

Boost Mobile’s new campaign ‘Stay Living’ shows a Walking Dead-esque Sydney where naturally the only survivors are attractive young women wielding baseball bats and swords. The campaign is directed by Glue Society’s Matt Devine and agency, The Monkeys. There are videos following each of the characters, including censored versions with puppies and kittens replacing zombie gore. While some might think it too hipster or too violent, I think this glamorized violence will definitely appeal to the target market.  Although, is this all there is?  It would be good to see more narrative, more content.

‘Ibizous Energy Drink’ is a completely 80s saturated advertisement for a drink that doesn’t actually exist. The advertisement, from Limón Estudios, is a promo for Spanish nightclub, Matinee, which doesn’t get a look in until the last few seconds. The 80s aesthetic is great, from the Thriller zombie dance troupe to the Street Fighter game references and the general kitsch graphics. It’s cheeky and fun but the footage of the nightclub is more burlesque, which clashes with the 80s theme. Apart from some continuity issues it’s a great concept.

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