To mention the brand or not? Kissy kissy.

First Kiss (presented by WREN clothing) has  had 58,392,919 views  in the last 7 days.

Also over that last 7 days, the film has gone from a social media love-in fest, and then . . .  da da da dummm. . . it was discovered that it is in fact a clothing ad – and it’s actually made up of models, actors and musicians.

I am in the business of branded content, so my reaction of ” Seriously who cares where it’s from – it’s still a pretty awesome and beautifully presented film and besides, anyone checked Wren’s site? It’s not like it’s a huge conglomerate with huge budgets, so cut them a break!”, may be invalid, and then I’d have no blog post to write…

It would appear the people who don’t work in branded content and that have had a negative reaction to it feel so because they feel fooled.

How could WREN have avoided this?  If they had of put a one line up front or logo at the back – presented by WREN/ sponsored by WREN I doubt they would have had any negative reaction,  and I also think it still would have gone viral –  I mean the Dove real beauty campaign is unashamed branded – yet it’s still gets all the accolades – or is that only in the branding world?  i wonder how many of the 58,392,919 views has also translated into WREN home page click throughs too?

I feel a bit dirty writing this blog, its’ not normally me going on about mentioning the brand in a beautiful piece of content – but you do need to ensure the tie in is sufficient enough to translate into achieving a marketing purpose – and not pissing off your viewers.

What do you all think? To brand or not to brand?

The parodies that have come out on this are pretty awesome – when imitation is the best form of flattery, (from cute to not so cute).

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