The Crashed Car Showroom

Very handily for us, (2 doors down) NRMA have launched a The Crashed Car Showroom at 65 York St Sydney

The purpose of the showroom is to show you how important car safety is via an interactive experience.

You can be a crash test dummy by using the latest virtual reality technology, see how car parts stand up to a severe storm by firing a specially modified gun that shoots hail and explore the interior of a fully dissected (interesting co-sponsored Peugeot) car.

And I think it’s cool, though the voyeur in me wanted to see more smashed up vehicles, vehicles as art –  though I can imagine a clients reaction to that – no vehicles that might look like someone died in it!

We did have a debate in the office about whether or not, it was going to be effective as a safety initiative or not . . .  would it really change or inform your purchase of vehicle, or the way you drive or even if it would drive you to purchase NRMA insurance.  I don’t know, I guess time will tell, or we’ll hear about it at the Effy’s.

Safety initiative or not, it’s an interesting initiative, and one I like it, it’s nice to see something different.  The exhibition will be touring the Royal Easter Show, where it will touch a large audience – one of the few opportunities with an exhibition idea to hit the numbers necessary for effectiveness in Australia.

Smashed up or not, safety conscience or not – if you want to see a campaign with a difference – or even if you have a spare half hour on your lunch break go to 65 York st and check it out for yourself. And if you go, drop in an say hello to at 71 York st – we love surprise guests!

Or if you can’t make it be lazy and watch the article in Drive.

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