The branding world has gone stuntastic; GE have created a robot band called Compressorhead with steel bodies and silicon brains as part of  Brilliant Machines  to perform at Union Square.  GE have staged the evnet to bring attention to the industrial internet – a subject we know all to well is close to GE’s heart. “A live band of robots shows how metal and data can come together to create entirely new possibilities, powering everyday things such as music in innovative ways,” said Andy Goldberg, GE’s creative director.  The show started at 1pm today and was broadcast live on Spotify.  The set list includes classics like Motörhead’s Ace of Spades, Black Sabbath’s Ironman, and AC/DC’s TNT.

In Milan Fastweb transformed a Milan subway station into   Toyko’s Shibuya station – which would have freaked the hell out of me!

Nutra Grain have created a silly glow in the dark skate park

All in all Brands seem to be trending towards the stunt – which seems surprising considering the value you get out of the one site specific happening.

Thank God for video.

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