Rogue Tales – James Squire

I stumbled across some interesting supporting content for James Squire today ‘Rogue Tales’. (Above is the teaser) The series is presented by Henry Henry Wagons. It’s a celebration and an ode to men who walk the road less travelled. 6 films. 6 men. 6 tales.
They look like they were produced on a slender budget – yet they do carry the message of the ATL work. Views are low at the moment (like 20 views) so maybe they’re waiting for digital support to kick in?! They’re of an interesting length also, all in the region of 5mins 14 making me think this is to hit a media deliverable somewhere. Maybe interactive TV?
Here is one of 6 episodes.

Whilst I was exploring their YouTube videos i discovered a series of Peter Kuruvita spice trails films too.

Nice to see such a young brand heading in the right content direction.

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