Once upon a time . . . I wanted Keira Knightley to go away for a long long time

Probably not the best headline for a blog post, but fitting with the latest film from Chanel and Karl Largerfield – Once Upon a Time starring KK as Chanel. Whilst it’s beautifully stylised (thank you Karl), it’s a painful script, and it’s in English not French.  Surely us internet watchers can read subtitles? Why do we need a English scarecrow of an actress playing a lead French role.

That’s my subjective view, and a rather radical one at that.

But as a piece of branded content it ticks a few boxes if you don’t have such a violent reaction as me.   Karl Largerfield – perfect choice of director, length – 18mins tick, good to see Chanel owning the Chanel story – a story that’s been told a million times over by other people.