New online doco by Honey Maid #NotBroken

Honey Maid have released a follow up two-minute online doco  as part of their “This is Wholesome” campaign that talks to there being “no such thing as a normal family.”

After an unfair (but fairly predictable) amount of backlash for their earlier “open-minded” ads Honey Maid have toned it down in this episode as they talk about “divorced families”.

The earlier films and TVCs visited other types of diverse homes including interracial families and homosexual parents.  In this episode we follow a young boy named Isaac, whose parents are divorced and remarried, and the new dynamic of his mixed family and how well he thrives between the 2 families.  I love the line “the differences between the two families … “my step-dad has black hair and my dad has brown …” Amazing.

Being part of a “blended” family myself, (and being a general wuss) the film brought me to tear, it really is nice to see a brand’s strategy play into breaking away from the normal media stereotypes.  I’m often aware when my kids  are watching the copious amount of TV that they watch, that there is little for them to identify with family-wise, so it’s nice to see it from a brand.

I did feel the Christian/grace section in the middle was a bit heavy handed – maybe aiming to lessen the backlash this time?  But I guess this is aimed at the American market … I can just hear the client’s voice.

Overall a nice little film, I’ve actually loved every film in this campaign.  A strong online video campaign – well done!

I should mention that Australia’s Creative “darlings” expats Dave Gibson and Nathan Lennon of Droga 5 NY were the Creative Directors on  original campaign.

Word from the client here.

Previous films here:

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