Nerve centre of branded content

Another piece of content was released from the content powerhouse that is dating site  This web film, Ghost Story, is a 1 min 35 film by Emmy award winner  director David Shane that follows a grieving girlfriend and the ghost of her boyfriend who talks to her, telling her to move on, though she appears not to hear.

It’s a great idea from the irreverent brand, and it’s beautifully executed but from a brand that’s well versed in branded content with episodic work like Lena Dunham’s “Tight Shots” and great utility content “Nerve’s Position of the Day” and Sebastian Sommer’s “Alt Lit” you have to wonder is this the directors cut of their TV ad? Or are they positioning themselves to release a new batch of episodic content?

Lena Dunham’s “Tight Shots”

Nerve’s Position of the Day”

Sebastian Sommer’s “Alt Lit”

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