Is comedy enough?

It’s great to see a brand like venturing into branded content and with a leap straight into the scary world of comedy in this recent series which features an actor (wearing a mask) playing BBC naturalist David Attenborough who reviews and gives commentary on 3 very stereotypical caricatures of late stay-at-homers.  use comedy as a draw card/an attractor to their site, but, i feel like they need more utility to keep you on site.  The blog style posts that accompany the content on the  site isn’t a) engaging enough b) resource driven enough to keep the targeted audience engaged and actioned.  We need to see utility tools, a move out of home budget calculator, a “share-house forum” a featured property of the week, utility driven films about the steps you need to take for them to reach the brands end goal (and I quote Natalie Feehan REA Group marketing strategy manager) to “reach the target audience and encourage a few of them to leave the nest”.

It would also be really interesting to see  and Guerilla Creative’s engagement strategy and supportive content plan.  What about  as a start, the integration of the wealth of already created utility within their YouTube channel.

Will we be seeing more? Hopefully this is supported by a 12 month content plan. We want to see more tiers of content from .  Keep creating.

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