Honda – The other side.

Honda content has been referenced in many treatments over the years – and this latest interactive film “The Other Side” promises a similar legacy.

The film features, 2 sides of one journey.  One side, a dad by day and on the other side taking the same route but at night and as an undercover cop.  The viewer can press on the keyboard to flick between the two absolutely perfect parallel narratives.

The YouTube build uses a “custom gadget”, styled to look like a branded but ordinary YouTube player making the interactivity all the more surprising. Behind the scenes, two separate video players are kept synchronised, showing each side of the film.

A great way of showcasing the Honda Civic  and the Civic Type R – the alter-ego of the Civic hatchback, and with the R keyboard press, the interactivity actually strengthens the brand message. Love it.

The boys in the office disagree with me on this, but I felt that it was perfect except a little weak on story.  The day story sees a father in his white Civic pick his daughter up from school to drive her to a surprise party.  Whilst the night story shows the father’s other side as an under cover cop leading a crew of thieves to a police set-up.  I guess the boys like chase films and I like a bit more narrative in the scripting – such a girl!

Still, a brilliant piece from Daniel Wolfe, Somesuch, Wieden & Kennedy, London and Stink Digital.

View the interactive version here:

YouTube Interactivity The Other Side.

Thanks to Rachael Maughan for passing this gem on.

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