Hello branded content! – hellofuture.tv – Playlist 2.0

This weeks over-arching theme is running late… as in being bus-ay… therefor… a reasonable selection of the “stuff” in this playlist may or may not have been around for a little while but anyways… Playlist 2.0 is go!

Directed by author/filmaker Randsom Riggs this a short documentary is set in the post apocalyptic landscape of Salton Sea. Haunting, beautiful, my film of the week.

Above one film/ad, and one beautifully shot behind the scenes style trailer directed by Seb Edwards from Academy Films to promote clothing brand  LUTA.  Founded by Luke Dowdney (founder and director of FFP) LUTA is a “collection of fightwear, trainingwear and streetwear that brings together real fight performance, favela style and a genuine social mission”. Some great films for an interesting new brand by a consistently considered director. Beautiful stuff.

The cut down of the Beastie Boys – Fight for your right! (revisited) is one thing, but the full length version is just taking the piss, surely?

Did somebody say VHS! Well awesome from Slam City Skates

Luv-er-ly… Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In! By Christopher Hutsul

and then… out for a while… but hey… nice.

More bit dribbling out for PressPausePlay

Painful to find and embed… but watching is worth… it. Season three of Epicly Laterd

The latest from Nike . . . bravely different to the other branded street/skate videos currently out there . . . though maybe an example of bigger budget don’t always equal better films?  Saying that, the night surfing shots are just stunning.  The behind scenes vids interest me most.

Girls Carving the Mountains… Noice. From Juan Rayos

Foooooootballllllllll or sock-ckher… as it may be… wonder who paid for this spot… nonetheless… great work by Juliet Zulu

More from the Intel Visual Life series.

And “Breathe”… By Paul Schneider.

V.touching… ///\\\ John X Carey.

Two years old now but… but… Water & Power… do I’M KEITH HERNANDEZ!

And maybe a simple film clip to cleanse the palate… Battles… By La blogotheque

See you in a couple of days…


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