Narrative is such a great way to show-off a luxury car – here’s an awesome piece of branded content for Jag.

Beautifully shot by the clever Ben Davis, a script that is intriguing and holds your attention for all 13 mins and partnered with a Lana del Ray track of the same name, (though her music video which also features the F-Series rather prominently is on the edge of rubbish).

The film sits nicely on the F-Type Jag site. And is accompanied by a bunch of other supporting films (Launch, Vision, Technical and the aforementioned Lana Del Ray Music video) All look to have been shot at the same time as the “Desire” film. Good producing – getting the most out of your content shoot by making multiple films, an obvious pet love of mine.    The other films are nowhere near as well edited, all the cash seems to have gone into the “Desire” film.

Thank you Beak St Bugle

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