Grand Prix, Branded Content at the Spike Awards


I thought I’d share the work that won the Grand Prix in Branded Content at the The Spike Awards that I was judging in Singapore last week.  It was an inspiring, if not full-on week where we watched and discussed (and discussed

Toyota “Loving Eyes” fathers day brand film


I’m a sucker for an emotional brand film, I blame my child but this cheesy film from Toyota brought tears to my eyes.  Love the split vision between father vision/daughter vision. It really is the boyhood of the ad world.

Honda – The other side.


Honda content has been referenced in many treatments over the years – and this latest interactive film “The Other Side” promises a similar legacy. The film features, 2 sides of one journey.  One side, a dad by day and

New online doco by Honey Maid #NotBroken


Honey Maid have released a follow up two-minute online doco  as part of their “This is Wholesome” campaign that talks to there being “no such thing as a normal family.” After an unfair (but fairly predictable) amount of backlash for their

Hosted by Airbnb


Cute and fluffy series for Airbnb that is accompanying a new logo/brand relaunch all about “a world where you can belong anywhere. Not revolutionary by any stretch – but a nice extension and deepening of personalization whilst also acting as

Lincoln Now Broadcasters


We covered the launch of Lincoln Motor Companies branded content platform “Hello again” back in September, and we’ve returned to showcase a brand that has become a broadcaster with a dedication to reinvention,reimagining, and rediscovering. The storytelling platform is Lincoln

The Crashed Car Showroom


Very handily for us, (2 doors down) NRMA have launched a The Crashed Car Showroom at 65 York St Sydney The purpose of the showroom is to show you how important car safety is via an interactive experience. You can be a crash

To mention the brand or not? Kissy kissy.


First Kiss (presented by WREN clothing) has  had 58,392,919 views  in the last 7 days. Also over that last 7 days, the film has gone from a social media love-in fest, and then . . .  da da da dummm. .

I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.


Loving this campaign released around Women’s day Ban Bossy is a joint partnership between key organisations – Girl Scouts and LeanIn.Org Next time Pablo calls me bossy . . . I know what my response will be! )

Clicks Fingers


This is pretty much what happens in our edit suite.