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The Creative Class of MMXIV (or 2014) is WeTransfer’s selection of today’s influential people within the creative industry, sharing their thoughts, musings and opinions on their own creativity, the industry and how technology is changing it all. Featuring: Tom Dixon,

Lincoln Now Broadcasters


We covered the launch of Lincoln Motor Companies branded content platform “Hello again” back in September, and we’ve returned to showcase a brand that has become a broadcaster with a dedication to reinvention,reimagining, and rediscovering. The storytelling platform is Lincoln

January kick starts 2014 with some great content.


We mustn’t have been the only ones crazy busy over the Christmas period * If January is anything to go by 2014 looks set to be a stunning year in branded content.** Following on from the fabulous animation we raved

The Runners.


A fascinating and beautifully shot film built around the  ” idea that people might be more open if they were asked questions while running. They’d be distracted; perhaps you could ask about things that you couldn’t otherwise. Perhaps it would be

Content for the City.


As a bit of a history geek and as a great lover of London this piece of content for the City of London made me long for London  with a nostalgia only a bit of geekery could do. It made

Zombies + Sexy Girls


There are a lot of zombies in pop culture lately, and paired with attractive women, it seems to be a winning combination. A couple of recent campaigns using the zombie + sexy girl combo are Boost Mobile and Spanish nightclub,

Short Films, Big Ideas


Forward Focus Films brought to you by corporate patron GE, was at first a series on shorts by well known doco makers around big ideas that have the potential to make the world a better place. Which turned into a

Music videos are branded content


If you think about it,  music videos really are branded content for the band for which they’re made,  a tangible visual accompaniment to the musical product. And this is a fantastic music video, really rather similar to the awesome HBO

The Daily Pothole


Produced by the in-house team at Tumblr, a film inspired by tumblr the Daily Pothole .  It’s  part of a series called “storyboards” (explained in the link). Tumblr are basically doing a feature on one of their blogs to bring light

Silver at Australasian Branded Entertainment Awards!


Whoop! Whoop! Award back pat. Last night the GE Two Words for Tomorrow campaign which we worked on in collaboration with lead creative company, The One Centre, won silver for Transmedia at the first ever Australasian Branded Entertainment Awards. Well