Camp Gyno


Camp Gyno tells the story of a pre-teen girl who is the first to get her period at summer camp.  With this ‘red badge of courage,’ she becomes the ‘Camp Gyno’ and becomes a dictator of all things feminine hygiene

The Power Inside


Intel and Toshiba’s new social film, ‘The Power Inside’ provides an explanation for the resurgence of moustaches. They are in fact part of an alien invasion. ‘The Power Inside’ comes after Intel and Toshiba’s highly successful social film, ‘The Beauty

Multiple views – Audi Quattro


A little over complicated – but so refreshing to see a TVC with some extra content built into it.  Nice to see some new perspectives, I could niggle at the cinematography, but conceptually it’s a giant leap in the right direction for TV advertising. (Ignore

The Impossible Family Portrait


The perfect branded content is when you forget you’re watching branded content at all. This video from Skype by Pereira & O’Dell does that. This is from a series of three short stories for Skype’s campaign, “Stay Together.” The campaign’s

Nerve centre of branded content


Another piece of content was released from the content powerhouse that is dating site  This web film, Ghost Story, is a 1 min 35 film by Emmy award winner  director David Shane that follows a grieving girlfriend and the

Anyone. Anywhere.


The Emily Bull best in interactive film award (so far this year) in branded content in Australia has to go to GP/Y&R for thier Defence Force Recruitment site “Anyone. Anywhere.”  The Concept Film above.  But for the full experience visit “Anyone.

Leave The World Behind


The newest launch by Volvo for the brand’s new XC60 crossover SUV pays tribute to dance music trio, Swedish House Mafia who have recently parted ways. Apart from being beautifully shot, the campaign is a clever mix of branded content,

We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding


We Ride. A great feature length documentary on the history of Snowboarding (yes bro branded content can be fully that long… totally)… Made for Burn by Grain Media… who made the amazing Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul. You should watch this

A voice from your past.


First in a series of “What type of Branded Content is that?”  A history / heritage piece… about the company values etc… better still if it’s coming from one of your founders… Better still if you’ve brought him back to

Short Films, Big Ideas


Forward Focus Films brought to you by corporate patron GE, was at first a series on shorts by well known doco makers around big ideas that have the potential to make the world a better place. Which turned into a