When VOXPOP’s work and Why?

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What the Kale is a Lychee Fruit Independent Health Foundation ‘What the Kale is a Lychee Fruit’ is advertising disguised as entertainment. This VOXPOP works because whilst drawing attention to the clear lack of knowledge society has about eating healthy,

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This is pretty much what happens in our edit suite.

Is it okay for a brand to sell an emotion they don’t own?


I’m as pro as anyone could be for brands making engaging emotional films . . . but . . . they have to mean it. It can’t be a cheap trick – which- I think this film from Thai telco

Is comedy enough?


It’s great to see a brand like Realestate.com.au venturing into branded content and with a leap straight into the scary world of comedy in this recent series which features an actor (wearing a mask) playing BBC naturalist David Attenborough who

Nerve centre of branded content Nerve.com


Another piece of content was released from the content powerhouse that is dating site Nerve.com.  This web film, Ghost Story, is a 1 min 35 film by Emmy award winner  director David Shane that follows a grieving girlfriend and the

Follow the Frog


This little gem written and directed by Max Joseph in 2012 has made it into The Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase. Where every other environmental ad has been guilt tripping us for years, this video for Rainforest Alliance is

Your viral is just a click away.


Awesome. Funny. Hilarious.

Maybe it’s just my sense of humour?


But I love this ad for PETA in honour of World Vegan Day. And the comments stream is almost as equally entertaining. Here’s an excerpt: “PETA is fucking desperate LOL go back to bitches with big tits and maybe I