Camp Gyno

Camp Gyno tells the story of a pre-teen girl who is the first to get her period at summer camp.  With this ‘red badge of courage,’ she becomes the ‘Camp Gyno’ and becomes a dictator of all things feminine hygiene over her fellow campers.

The video for HelloFlo, a period subscription service, sends you a monthly box of all your sanitary supply needs.

The spot was produced by co-writers and co-directors, Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, a copywriter and art director team who worked together at BBDO. The idea for the video came up over dinner, speaking about experiences of that girl at camp that everyone turned to for advice.

I remember being about 13 and thinking it was ridiculous that if half the world’s population had periods, why was everyone so squeamish about it. It’s refreshing to see HelloFlo being so open about it all, openly using ‘vagina’ and it’s shortened slang ‘vag’. Even seeing a tampon at all on a tampon ad is pretty groundbreaking. The video is quirky, funny and completely relatable (if you’re a girl I guess).


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