Branded Content! WTF?

Branded what? Content who?  Online films. Webisodes. Virals (errgghh). Video pre-roll! Branded entertainment. Cross promotional brand funded live casting consumer generated… WTF is Branded Content?

SO. . . Having talked about it with a few members of the Australian Branded Content community we decided to create a Facebook and a LinkedIn industry group for people passionate about branded storytelling.

The purpose of the group is to share knowledge, resources and provide support for content creators and advocates of branded entertainment. A community of branded content specialists who believe there might be a future in this whole online video thing.

We would like to organise bi-monthly catch-ups and screenings where we gather together to share some of the latest and most awesome work we’ve seen from around the world and discuss it. It will also be an opportunity to talk about industry hot-topics. . . such as copyright, resources, budgets… beer.

Please suggest this page to people that you think would be interested in being members of the group. Here for facebook

Press play.

Pablo & Emily

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