Anyone. Anywhere.

The Emily Bull best in interactive film award (so far this year) in branded content in Australia has to go to GP/Y&R for thier Defence Force Recruitment site “Anyone. Anywhere.”  The Concept Film above.  But for the full experience visit “Anyone. Anywhere.”  You can click on so many hotspots (145 hotspots motion tracked on all 1500 frames of the film)  the depth is phenomenal.  Theirs 3D renders of aircraft, details on anything from tarmac temperature to interviews on personnel job.  The short interactive film creates a virtual world for the viewer that really conveys a Top Gun version of life in the airforce.

A great example of tiered content – an engagement film with deeper filmed utility, photography, animation and facts.  Near perfect in it’s level of interaction, and it’s depth.  Otherwise perfection.  Well done all involved.

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