A Holiday Carole

The promo video doesn’t begin to give this campaign justice.  So go here, the facebook page.

In personalization of the like that we’ve not seen since Arcade Fire/ Chris Milk’s “Into the Wilderness” and, correct me if I’m wrong, but the first of this kind I’ve seen a brand take on.

The premise? You access the app. through facebook  and then you can send personalized holiday cards via sexy mad-lady-esque Carole (Alice Eve).  The film incorporates Google Street view, Maps, Places, Directions, and Geocoding API’s.   Carole travels to your front door, via your neighbourhood  before arriving at your door.  “Knock, knock”.  Especially fun for us warm climate dwellers to see a bit of snow in Bondi at this time of year.

I love a good Chrissy card.  Enjoy.

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