GE: Two Words for Tomorrow – a case study

This is how we would describe working on this project in two words: Six Months. Life Consuming. Huge Collaboration. Awesome Team. Nearly There. Thank Christ.

We were engaged by The One Centre to help produce the transmedia campaign Two Words for Tomorrow as well as to create the video content across the project for client GE; including a series of online ads, installation teaser and online series – voice of the people.

Two Words for Tomorrow was conceived by The One Centre for GE to pinpoint the single biggest challenge facing Australia’s future. By polling across multiple touch points Australians can share their Two Words via a dedicated website, interactive advertising andFacebook app, and by visiting a video installation touring major capital cities.

The two word submissions will be analysed and categorised by data analysts to provide an understanding of the Top 10 challenges that Australians believe are facing the nation’s future. GE aims to use the findings to help shape its long-term business planning and innovation agenda in the areas of healthcare, energy, water, transportation and finance. The top 10 themes derived from two word submissions will be reported live online and through the installation, which will feature a unique ‘Two Words Waterfall’ digital artwork on two 4m x 2m LED screens.

Led by transmedia creative company, The One Centre it was a huge collaborative project that spanned many many many months. creatively collaborated with Future Buro, Moffitt Moffit and helped manage 11 specialist partners such as Fourth Wall Events,Field and @Radical to bring all the integrated project elements to fruition.

As part of the project we are in the process of documenting a series called Voice of the People; a vox pops style film that captures the mood and opinions of people as they polled on location at the installation. Watch this space to see the installation travel. Here’s Melbourne, the first port of call.

More than just an advertising campaign the data is being used by GE to tailor it’s resources to best service the needs of Australians.


Two Words Spirit of Thomas Film

Installation Teaser Film

Voice of the People – Melbourne

Voice of the People – Sydney

Social Media Live Clips


Silver winner for Transmedia at the first ever Australian Branded Entertainment Awards in late 2012.

Project Credits: (UK): Digital Art Installation

Fourth Wall Events: Installation Build and Activation

Future Buro: Website, M-Site, Polling app, Facebook app, social media seeding Widget Video Content inc. online promotional film, Vox Pops, Installation Teaser, Project Producing.

Loyalty Live: Poll Design, Analysis and Reporting of data in Top 10 Themes

M2M Media – Online, Onsite and Social Media

n2n Communications – PR Production of online promotional film

Sophie Hart Styling: Installation ambassador outfits

Moffitt.Moffitt.: Creative Direction, Concept Development, Identity Design, Installation Design, Photography

The One Centre: Strategy, Concept Creation, Executive Creative Direction, Executive Producing


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