GE at Work 2014, Timelapses.

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It was our third year for us being part of GE at Work, an event organised by lead agency The One Centre with the artistry of Margo and her team at 4th Wall Events. As usual it was a mammoth

Twin Miracles a film for GE Reports.

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Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards. The parents of premature twins narrate their story in an  online film ‘Twin Miracles’ for GE Australia & NZ.  Created for multidisciplinary brand agency The One Centre, we had

GE at Work 2013

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This is only a taster, a skimming if you like of the mammoth task that was GE at Work 2013.  GE at Work is an annual event that talks to Media, clients and GE staff about what they’re doing that

GE Healthcare, A light shinning in the fog.

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The One Centre commissioned a documentary for GE healthcare that looked into a medical advancement in mammogram screenings called CESM.  We spoke to experts in Macquarie Hospital to shine some light about what this meant for the patient.

GE at Work 2012

· Leave a comment were commissioned by The One Centre to film and document the GE at Work 2012 event, and create a multitude of outputs that included, 30 interviews and session highlights for PR and social output, full session recordings for journalists

GE Healthcare. A breath hold.

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Commissioned by The One Centre, we looked into the CT scanning developments that have made a huge impact on patients (especially children’s) exposure. created a mini documentary for them speaking to leading healthcare practitioners around Australia. showreel

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5 years in the making, it features everything from super locomotives to little Nippers, Luna Park, too many puppies, Das Autos to an interactive pulse of the nation… and everything in-between. A lot of blood sweat, tears, a very dodgy

GE: Two Words for Tomorrow – a case study

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This is how we would describe working on this project in two words: Six Months. Life Consuming. Huge Collaboration. Awesome Team. Nearly There. Thank Christ. We were engaged by The One Centre to help produce the transmedia campaign Two Words

GE at Work in Australia

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A tonka truck, 2 helicopters, a jumbo, a hospital and a huge locomotive – all made up the epic adventure that is GE at Work in Australia. Actually, add baby to the list – Noni Earla Jean Jeffress born 19

GE: Two Words for Tomorrow – Sydney

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In this multifaceted transmedia campaign (conceived by the lead creative agency The One Centre) we went out onto the streets and did just that. Asking Australians In “Two Words” what’s the biggest challenge facing Australia? This is what Sydney-siders had