Hosted by Airbnb


Cute and fluffy series for Airbnb that is accompanying a new logo/brand relaunch all about “a world where you can belong anywhere. Not revolutionary by any stretch – but a nice extension and deepening of personalization whilst also acting as

Rogue Tales – James Squire


I stumbled across some interesting supporting content for James Squire today ‘Rogue Tales’. (Above is the teaser) The series is presented by Henry Henry Wagons. It’s a celebration and an ode to men who walk the road less travelled. 6

Uniqlo – NYC – Voices


A really nice and simple content heavy site for Uniqlo’s new flagship store in NYC.   The featured peeps are a rather eclectic mix from Cool Hunting’s Josh Rubin to Edible School Yard/Garden Teacher Vera Fabian (and much much more).

Welcome to Planet Earth!


What would our world/screens be like without crackpots? Here’s a nicely shot film about a man (Jody Pendarvis) who likes building cubby houses  that he calls “UFO welcome centers.” Useful watching for a Monday. Director / DP / Editor  Michael Livingston.  

CPH Meals. Food. Food. Food.


There’s not enough foody videos online  . . .  Here’s a great execution and idea by Aaron Bateman, and Chris Calvert called CPH Meals they created a supper club and then interviewed chefs on the food scene in Copenhagen. “Fuelled by our amateurish fascination and