Branded Games with a dash of retro.


Some weeks, I struggle to find anything to write about and other weeks there seems to be a sudden overwhelming trend that screams out to me.  This week it’s yelling: games, games, brand, retro games, games . . . 3

Vine, Instagram, and the short form video revolution


The content world has been buzzing about mobile created social videos this week, and we’re really starting to see an increase in brands using short form video platforms like Vine and Instagram to engage viewers and push their reach further.

Sunny Mr Persol


Quite brave of a fashion brand to use animation in branded content, not something you see often. I like it, I just wish it was longer. It either needs embedded videos with more of a story or give us Episode

Dear Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tan . . .


  Dear Spike Jonze, how are you always so amazing? Also  . ..  Dear Olympia Le-Tan your boldness makes me have a mini-crush on you.   Such a cute story posted in Nowness . . .  Spike emailed Olympia asking

No more questions!


So, this video post needs to come with a warning – bring out the tissues. It made me cry a bit. It’s by Story Corp a not for profit oral history project.  Basically they collect stories from backgrounds all around