Japan vs Japan. 2 films.

In our travels we came across two films, two branded content films, both set in Japan.

From Japan with Love (and Dashi) from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

“Japan: A skier’s Journey Ep. 1” is funded by Arcteryz.com and The GORE-TEX® BRAND
whilst “From Japan with love” was made in conjunction with Intrepid Travel.

“Japan: A skier’s Journey Ep. 1”
Language warning I’m about to gush.
In many ways this film is perfection . . . even with a tastefully done dream sequence. (Not usually a sentence I write). There is a strong sense of story and journey in “A skier’s journey” which begins right up front in the opening credits with a beautiful shot of a crowded Tokyo train. The dialogue is beautifully crafted, and it’s poetic without being wanky. Sheer cinematic brilliance, great filming and bold brave editing that actually works with the look of the film. #waxlyrical
The film goes for 10 minutes, and we were transfixed for the entire 10mins. Proving to me, that it’s quality of content that can keep an audience to watch over 2 mins, not a new age Gen Y concentration span.

“From Japan with love”
Maybe it’s unfair to compare anything to “Japan: A skiers Journey” as nothing can really marry up to such high levels of perfection. It’s unfortunate they both came out in the same week, cause in many ways this films is really cute. But, I feel, the “From Japan with love” visual storytelling just isn’t enough to carry a sense of narrative. It needs graphics or a voice over to talk through the journey. I hate to be the dull practical one but there seems to be little utility in the way in which it has been shot gives a flavour of Japan but nothing like the flavour landslide of the previous film.

Regardless, I now want to go to Japan. Very badly. Opposed to previously I wanted to go quite badly.
Will I go there wearing Gortex? Maybe.
Will I tour with Intrepid. Nah probably not.

I’d quite like to make a film for intrepid. Noni travels well.

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