Converse – “I’m a goner”

Brands and music linking up is not at all a new approach to advertising, but I like this one.

Converse have created a community studio called Rubber Tracks where bands can record their music . . .  I mean who doesn’t love the word community.  Converse also seem to offer some marketing if they like your music. To quote the site:

” Rubber Tracks can also give bands the means to expose their music to a much larger audience through content captured while recording, including songs and behind-the-scenes video. Artists will have the option to utilize and our social media channels to promote their content, potentially reaching millions.”

Giving bands free recording time seems like a rather nifty way of getting cool up and coming music on your site for nicks. . . clever Converse.

Here is some of the fruits of Rubber Tracks labor,  a music video featuring Matt & Kim, Andrew W.K. and Soulja Boy singing “I’m a Goner,”  all the zombies are wearing Converse but I didn’t spot any  painful product placement close ups . . .

This post is via Mashable – and I loved their take on it:

“The message: Next time you want to dance on someone’s grave, suit up with some Converse kicks.”