Bear Cottage, a rich video interactive experience.

We partnered-up with AnalogFolk Sydney in a pro-bono initiative to bring life to Bear Cottage’s digital presence just in time for the Duke and Duchess’ visit last Friday.

Here is the site.

A top priority was transforming the site into an emotive user journey, which was done via the use of emotive video content and  a GoPro tour of the facilities from the point of view of Bear Cottage’s resident dog, Frankie.

Bear Cottage remains the only children’s hospice in New South Wales, dedicated to accommodating the families of children with life-limiting illnesses. Founded in 2010, established entirely from community support at a cost of $10 million. They strive to be as unlike a hospital environment as possible, allowing the children to undertake art and play therapy sessions, as well as running year-round camps and retreats for the siblings and families of their patients. Bear Cottage relies only on donations from the public to run their children’s hospice and end of life care centre in Manly.

So … become involved!

Huge big thanks goes out to the amazing Adam Sharman (yet again) for being amazing, couldn’t have done it without you, Andy Lawler for your phenomenal GoPro rigging and dog wrangling skills and AnalogFolk, so awesome to feel a part  of your amazing team of talented peeps, thanks for getting us involved!

Last and most importantly, a huge big thank you to everyone at Bear Cottage.  Thank you for opening up your hearts and time to a bunch of film crew, we hope our movies give you the funding you so deserve.

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