A2 Video Mastheads

Yet again, our besties at AnalogFolk had another awesome online video idea and asked us to come and play.  This time it was for the mastheads for A2.  Incorporating video into the very fibre and skeleton of a brands site is something we just haven’t seen a huge amount of in Australia over the last couple of years.  But it’s one of our favourite things to do! These masthead clips act as looping dynamic backdrops adding character to the brand site.

Have a look at the content in situ here

Or look at all the adorable children and (women and men).  See if you can spot Natalie Robinson in yet another starring role! Moved up from her last job as a waitress to a “flatmate”.  On the up Nat!

Thanks to Nino Tamburri for his cinematography and Adam Sharman for his on the spot post production. Beautiful work boys.

A2 masthead 1, mum and daughter from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo.

A2 masthead 2, dunkin biscuits from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo.

A2 Masthead 3, little boy looking deeper from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo.

A2 masthead 4 adult conversation from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo.

A2 masthead 5, roomies. from hellofuture.tv on Vimeo.

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