Six Families. One Day. And 6 Toddler Tips.

We recently partnered with Lowe Profero Sydney to produce a series of seven short films for Nutricia’s supplement brand, Aptamil Toddler.
The unscripted documentary style films follow the trials and tribulations of six real life young Sydney families as they experience the ups and downs of family life.
To complement the series, six “Parenting Tips” (below) were created to offer hacks, techniques and routines to help parents with their tricky toddlers.

The series demonstrates the shared experience of parenting in ways viewers can hopefully identify with. The use of emotive content was designed to demonstrate honest insight into the lives of time-stretched parents. Creating high quality content in this way is an important step in reaching beyond traditional advertising to bring empathetic and entertaining storytelling to the Aptaclub site.

It was a real pleasure working with such legends as Matt Delprado, Tracey Barden and Sam Oakley – thank you for making such a great team.

Beautiful cinematography by Ross Giardina – you make everything beautiful, thanks for putting up with us.

Adam Sharman, we hope that being so immersed in this content in the months leading up to Max’s birth has made you the most prepared dad in the world. As always, couldn’t have done it without you.

With my Oscars speech over, we hope you all enjoy the films – we certainly learnt a lot – and the kids are hoping for more tips.

The Alarm Clock tip, Aptamil Toddler from on Vimeo.

The stick tip, Aptamil Toddler from on Vimeo.

The Tiny Assistant tip, Aptamil Toddler from on Vimeo.

The Face Cloth tip, Aptamil Toddler from on Vimeo.

The iceblock tip, Aptamil Toddler from on Vimeo.

The magic wand tip, Aptamil Toddler from on Vimeo.

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